I studied painting at Glasgow School of Art. Then I worked as a theatre designer - a fine time of collaboration and inventiveness. Wax babies, giant beanbag watermelons and pop-up suitcases kept me busy. Then for a few years while bringing up a family I worked mainly to commission and for exhibitions. I am inspired by the landscapes and townscapes around me, and it gave me time to explore how particular paints can behave on beautiful paper. But I like to see what text and artwork can say together, so much of my current work is as an illustrator. I was mentored within the second 'Picture Hooks' scheme for emerging picture book illustrators. I'm looking forward to more collaboration and inventiveness in the future. You can find me here on facebook and here on instagram,where I show work-in-progress and experimental stuff alongside the sort of thing you see here.... and here I am on Twitter.
I work mainly in watercolour, ink and pencil, but I love Photoshop too.

I am usually working on projects that span a range of subjects from maps to mouseholes and I'm always happy to talk about something new, whether it is a picture of a single house or a whole book's worth of illustrations. I often take on house portrait commissions (modest homes are as interesting a subject as magnificent ones). Do contact me if there is something you would like to discuss.